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Do PCSOs work inside the police station or outside the police station?

sounds like a daft question but in fact, is it?


Just how far back do PCSOs date back to? When did they start, who launched them and why?

Who were the first PCSOs? We have some information on this page but if you know better please do LET US KNOW!


Alihowe Interview

In 2003 we had a very very different training to what the PCSOs are getting now. We had a PC from Clacton-on-sea and a PC from Colchester that have worked really really hard to put a package together for all the staff and I have to say now that having done the job, thereís a lot of policey stuff in there, a hell of a lot. But then saying that we had domestic violence, we had statements, 2/9 statements which people donít get now, crime reports Ė a big input on booking property in which they donít get now


baronsmirnoff: a most
accomplished PCSO

falkor: [laughing] Paul you were saying that back in October you weren't based in a police station but were working out of a converted shop | baronsmirnoff: we shared the launderette with 5 other teams and in November we moved into our own office in Edgware Comunity Hospital | falkor: in a hospital? | baronsmirnoff: yeah | falkor: they've got space for you?

2005/ 2006 PCSO
news articles

Hero bobbies save man from falling, PCSOs demand power to do job, Residents lash out at 'meagre' police services, Authority in power plea for officers, 117 Honda Civics for MET PCSOs, Police Community Support Supervisors, radio station for national-PCSOs!

Safer Neighbourhoods 2006

HELPDESKS TO FIGHT CRIME, an expansion of summary powers will be counterproductive, New cop team to tackle cig sellers, Dispersal zone set up to rid area of unruly youth, Police vow to tackle 'tormented' neighbourhoods, Play a part in Safer Neighbourhoods, Anger at the Asbo backlog, Weíre doing policeís job!


Double Decker
First Aid

you are on patrol at a fete when a mother calls you to her son, she says "officer my son has got bad hiccups, what should we do?" you are driving home from work alone in your own car when you see a house on fire, suddenly the front door screeches open and a teenage boy runs out, his clothes are ablaze and upon seeing your car runs straight to YOU, he is WELL ON FIRE, what do you do?


Bazza's FOOTIE and PCSO mega mix 2005

Who must you be to get paid for handing in property to a police station? What does ANPR stand for?

What is a legal assault commonly known as? What is the stated case called that we base our traditional statements on?


Have you ever seen this birthdays page before?

wow what a save! 15 PCSO members from the dawn of the site! you would have to be an original member of the site to fully appreciate this little gem, remember any of the 15 members?

2004 - 2005

Alarm at plan to use community support officers to tackle beggars, drinking and carrying weapons, new standardised powers out for consultation, Big increase in police community officers, Bringing more offences to justice is conducive to net-widening practices, Met fury over "cheap" recruits


Bazza: top PCSO
in the MET

falkor: here Bazza, I've heard a rumour that you were the first PCSO in the MET is that right?

Bazza: well, there's no 100% guarantee, but as we were the very first shift on that day and I was the first one out that day too, I thought that being as we were the first shift on in the morning, on the first day and I was the first one out that makes me the first PCSO in the MET


Big-Si: the law
in Macclesfield

the force have decided. We've got two Landrovers, we've got an 'R' reg one and we've got an 'N' reg one and they're coming towards the end of their days really. I was in the 'N' reg one last week and I had to go up into the hills, to have a look at a burnt out car and I went up this track and there was a 2' /3' snow drift and it was very wet as well and I got up there and it started getting a bit slippy and I decided to change the ratio over - couldn't change it over the whole Landrover just started sliding [laughing] I got a bit panicky - ended up booting the gearstick and managed to change the ratio, then it was alright


Bazza's Page

Back in 2005 it was early days for National-PCSOs, Bazza was a mighty entity of the site and had plenty to say, which was lucky for us because he was a prize catch!

Bazza was one of the first ever MET PCSOs to hit the London streets - sadly Bazza's Page no longer really exists EXCEPT FOR THIS awesome archive of what was once a top page on the site, ENJOY!


Caroline Gentry

One of the original pages of National-PCSOs "Caroline Gentry" gives a profile of one of our first PCSOs and one of National-PCSOs' original members

In Caroline's era it was 3 weeks training and then out with a PC or PCSO for a couple of months JOB DONE!


Back in 2005 - such was the community spirit on national-pcsos that an alternative BIG BROTHER launched on the forums

This is highlighted in "Archives page 2" could spark a memory or 2 for old members!

2007 NEWS

Emma on duty, Police 'not taking ethnic minority recruitment seriously,' Officer answers SOS from America, CUTS IN POLICE SUPPORT OFFICERS HEAVILY CRITICISED, TOP COP HITS BACK AFTER FUNDING CUT, What do community support officers do? Family tribute to support officer, 'PCSO broke my arm' claims injured cyclist, Community officer stabbed on duty


Big 30

This is a 2005 Forums Quiz so unless you were a member back in 2005 the likelyhood is that you will find the questions a total mystery!

Just an archive quiz now, glad to see it's still there though! Just for posterity's sake :-)


First Aid

Quick and basic first aid quiz this

Validated at the time in 2006 by the lovely Janice Whitehead of Ambo999


CIDB Interview

CIDB: basically the ASR system is set up in the town centre
falkor: yeah
CIDB: and it was decided that the only people who would be using that system the most would be PCSOs. I was one of the first 10 PCSOs ever with Essex Police. Iíve been part of the pilot programme and Iím probably the one with the most experience at my police station and I was nominated


Daniel Swindells:
a brand new PCSO

at the time this was done, the man was a brand new PCSO but obviously that was a way back hehe
danielswindells: they had a meeting at Chigwell Sports Club recently and one of the Ch Insps mentioned about the MET's default policy of single patrol - but my Sgt says, well she doesn't care what they say 'when it's dark we go double patrolling' if you're on bikes she wants you double patrolling and there's a few other 'types' of single patrolling as well "proximity patrolling" one on one side of the street, one on the other


Could be handy

An index in a sitemap

Maybe we should have a sitemap in the index

help page

This goes back to the really early early days of national-pcsos, there is even a 2004 "ADVANCED IRC by ess: PJIRC CHIEF" wow that is a MUSEUM piece

unless you were in on the site during the first few years of operation this page will be pretty meaningless to you, otherwise it is quite a gem!


Dizzy: brown belt
of the PCSO world

dizzy: it was interesting to know - even in the MET - how many different types of PCSOs there are - that struck me as kind of different, because I thought everybody did roughly the same and they don't // falkor: please give an example // dizzy: somebody was saying that they were a special PCSO that just went on patrol in cars and they kind of patrolled different areas in their cars, going to the larger PCSO kind of calls // falkor: "response PCSOs" ? // dizzy: THAT WAS IT! Response PCSO that was it! // falkor: I've heard about that too // dizzy: yeah well I hadn't even heard about it, but that was kind of quite interesting


GlynB: one of the very first PCSO supervisors

falkor: Have you heard the news on the developments in the Met Police where PCSOs are gradually replacing Station Officers? // GlynB: yeah I've read about that // falkor: well it's actually happening // GlynB: I find that unusual and I can see no point other than the fact that the government may be funding the PCSOs // falkor: that's what it's all about Glyn! and if the Met can do it do you think that other Forces can go along the same way? // GlynB: well I'm absolutely convinced that the Forces will attempt to make use of their PCSOs in the broadest possible way, or indeed with any kind of staff. I suppose part of the issue is whether it can be done more cheaply or more economically.



When did the Police Federation have most to say abut PCSOs? well probably 2005 - 2007 - the period that this PDF focuses on

Have a read and you will see an amazing amount of PCSO news articles - and from the Police Federation perspective

As is common with these PDFs, the original page no longer exists


in 2004

One month after "national-pcsos" was launched Ianh6, a TPCSO at the Met's Kings Cross submitted this corker of an article

Must have been the very first PCSO article to appear on the site! Date of article 22.3.04, site created 20.2.04

This article may look dated but it is probably one of the few that still holds true to this day


We're talking 2005 here, so PCSO recruitment was at full swing

many people joining national-pcsos were asking for advice on their upcoming recruit interviews and here are some jolly good articles written by the leading members of national-pcsos at the time


This again goes back to the really early early days of national-pcsos, I guess looking back at it now, this was the most intense and succesful phase of the site! PCSO numbers were under huge acceleration and as numbers went up, so did the problems!
We had a small expert "troubleshooters" team on the site then - this was a page especially put together for our regular national-pcsos members at that time


Human Rights

Twenty questions posed on Human Rights as they might play out to a PCSO on duty

Written in 2006 you may think it's out of date now but AFAIK it's still good to go


KEW 2005

back in 2005 the top members of "national-pcsos" descended on Kew Gardens to have a look around and meet one another

It was a tremendous success and a whole swathe of photos takes up half of PBASE to this day to prove it! meantime, if you were there, TAKE THE QUIZ and see how much you can remember

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