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  Bazza: top PCSO in the MET   ** interview I **ask Bazza ANYTHING on AFC W

introduction:  in May 2005, Bazza, a MET PCSO started his own page on national-PCSOs  

28 MAY 2005 1200

falkor: You ready for your big moment Bazza?

Bazza: I am

falkor: You're fully primed?

Bazza: [Laughing] I'm fully primed

falkor: How you getting on?jump to SITEMAP

Bazza: I'm getting on alright yeah

falkor: So, what do you think of your Bazza's page then? Is it you Bazza?

Bazza: I like it, I think it's very good but there's not a lot of people signing my guest book that's the only thing

falkor: Well true, but the hits are showing 43 and that's just on the guestbook not the page, that's not bad for just a few days start

falkor: What's your best part of the page then? You've got your TOP TEN MOVIES which I think is an absolute crack - wonderful - what's your favourite part of the page Bazza?

Bazza: I'd say my "10 of 10"

falkor: That's crucial that "10 of 10," I like the way that you've put those over, a lot of PCSOs agree with you on those, you've got some very basic issues there haven't you

Bazza: Yeah there are some other issues, some tentative issues that I wanted to discuss later on there that aren't there, that I thought perhaps I should've put on there

falkor: That always happens doesn't it? Five minutes after you've sent it you can think of something else

Bazza: Well I was struggling first of all and then I thought well actually I wanted to put something else on there, probably more pertinent but never mind

falkor: Well the next thing to go on there is your TOP FIVE GAMES and your number one is Resident Evil 4

Bazza: Yeah I enjoyed it - impressed - sheer chaos, it's a friend's game actually I didn't buy it

falkor: You also nominated 'GTA Vice Cities'

Bazza: Yeah actually this takes me back to the very first GTA, the top down one with the guys in orange suits - the Buddhists? You saw em all the time, quite mad! and the part where you went to the garage and you pay 'em and get your car resprayed !! remember that well, I used to like that, it was so funny playing it, run people over, it was hilarious

falkor: and it was your birthday a few days ago Bazza, did you have a good day?

Bazza: yeah it was a quiet day actually - I went out Sunday instead, went out down the pub on Sunday

falkor: did you get anything nice?

Bazza: yeah I got some England kit and stuff

falkor: which team do you support then ?

Bazza: I'm an AFC Wimbledon fan

falkor: yeah, go on then, tell me something about that

Bazza: Basically started a new club - the owners of the old Wimbledon FC ripped the club away from us - been redeployed to Milton Keynes

falkor: what happened there then?

Bazza: They said the club was not viable in the position that it was in - ie in South London - wasn't enough supporters, wasn't enough anything and they believed that by moving it to Milton Keynes they were going to make more money

falkor: I don't believe that. Wimbledon IS in South London, I don't understand

Bazza: Yeah I know that's exactly what our argument was. How can you move a club somewhere else and call it Wimbledon - when Wimbledon is in South London you can't do that

falkor: so is the football ground still there or not Bazza?

Bazza: No it's been demolished and they're actually waiting to develop it

falkor: when did that happen?

Bazza: they demolished it in the mid nineties, 1995 something like that

falkor: so does the Wimbledon football club still exist?

Bazza: in our view we're the continuation of Wimbledon football Club

falkor: what's it called now then?

Bazza: AFC Wimbledon

falkor: and where do they play?

Bazza: Kingstonian

falkor: OMG do they?

Bazza: We're buying the ground

falkor: so - I see - so what about the Kingston football team? what happens to them?

Bazza: they play there too

falkor: oh so it's now shared? I never heard of that before

Bazza: Basically KOSHLA who owns the actual ground - we made him an offer of 2MILLION for the ground which he accepted, but we allowed conditions that if we buy the ground Kingstonian can always use the ground - they pay a pittance rent, because we're not in the business of putting clubs out of business but we own the ground so that eventually if we do want to move we've got some kind of money behind us, we've got a 2MILLION pound ground there, we could use that to buy another ground somewhere else in Merton hopefully, at the moment it's a long term investment

falkor: so how did this interest come about, this was when you were living at Mitcham was it Bazza?

Bazza: Yeah I used to go quite a lot

falkor: and what's your actual involvement now then?

Bazza: I'm a shareholder - I'm a dons trust member as well and I get involved as much as I can

falkor: Do you play football at all yourself Bazza?

Bazza: I don't play, I used to play but I just haven't got time to play now really - working and stuff, travelling time to and from work

falkor: Have they got the same team players as they've had for a long time or have they got some new players just coming in?

Bazza: We've got new football players yes, Joe Sherrin who is ex-Chelsea - he played for us, Shane SMELTZ, he's a New Zealand international - he's signed up - we've got a few ex fringe premier type players - ones who were playing in the squad - you or I wouldn't know they were playing in the squad like the keeper he's 19 - he's played for Charlton - he just signed on a year's contract - we've got a few players on there that I've never heard of - basically in 2002 we had a trial on Wimbledon extensions and we got our players from that and that's how it started in 2002 - we did a trial - we wanted to go to the Ryman League but we got rejected so we went into the Combined Counties League - we came third the first year - second year we won it and we won the cup that year as well

falkor: Incredible Bazza

Bazza: This year we've won the Ryman division one and we won the cup again and we're now in the Ryman premier - so we've got promoted twice - so we're going UP - we're doing well - it's just a case of keep going really

falkor: You're loving it Bazza aren't ya?

Bazza: Well yeah if you're winning the League and you're winning cups you can't complain can ya? that's what we want - we've got a plan of getting into the league in 10 years - so hopefully by 2012 we'll be a league club

falkor: oh my god - well that's a good ambition Bazza

Bazza: that's our plan - so it's all go - all fans are invited and welcome to our stadium - it's a family stadium, so anyone who turns up, whatever colours they wear - what team they support, are all welcome. It's not particulary about who you support it's about a club run by the fans for the fans really

falkor: very true, sounds like you've got a really busy social life there Bazza

Bazza: well I don't go as often as I'd like to - I go when I can - if I can go to the first game of the season - I'll also go mid season and then I'll probably go last game something like that - I make a point of going to those sort of games

falkor: fair enough

Bazza: and [laughing] I'll drag the family along as well

falkor: well it should be a family day out

Bazza: well yeah the girls - the youngest one is 6 months, she went to a game when she was 3 months

falkor: that must be the youngest fan on record

Bazza: well Lillie went to one when she was 4 months old

falkor: you've certainly got your hands full there Bazza from the sound of it

Bazza: yeah ... I mean they'll all go to the games, I'm never worried about them going and it's a family club so - it's good

falkor: what about that video ... that mod video from Iraq Bazza?

Bazza: that is funny

falkor: you enjoyed that didn't you?

Bazza: yeah that is funny, I've even showed the father in law that, it's that good - he found it quite funny as well, he ended up that night getting a bit tipsy and re enacting it all

falkor: nice one

Bazza: I think it's a good thing they can do things like that and release a bit of stress and tension, there's pressure on 'em while they're out there to perform and do things right and I feel that everything that's come out in the press about the abuse of prisoners and stuff - so they're under pressure anyway

falkor: true

Bazza: so at the end of the day they're not there because they want to be there, they're told to be there and obviously they're doing a job - they need to be able to laugh at themselves once in a while, it's what the British do best after all

falkor: I think it was far more successful than they'd ever dreamed it would be

Bazza: yeah

falkor: I think they were amazed at what happened, it ended up on the national news that video

Bazza: yeah I think it's because they didn't expect anybody to do anything like that

falkor: true

Bazza: it's just so funny - they go round to the toilets, they've got those shiekh guys running along in tow

falkor: the whole thing melts together so well it's absolutely brilliant

Bazza: considering it's not professional - they just decided to go and do that, it's just a squaddie with a camera - you can't knock it can you

falkor: they have done well

Bazza: yeah

falkor: here Bazza, I've heard a rumour that you were the first PCSO in the MET is that right? I've heard this rumour

Bazza: well, there's no 100% guarantee, but as we were the very first shift on that day and I was the first one out that day too, I thought that being as we were the first shift on in the morning, on the first day and I was the first one out that makes me the first PCSO in the MET

falkor: yeah I read your script about going out on the AREA CAR Bazza - that was excellent, what sort of area car was it anyway?

Bazza: I think it was before they replaced 'em with the silver ones - it was a white BMW I think

falkor: the BMWs?

Bazza: yeah they wanted it sorted that morning - they had a problem with it, so it had to go down Plaistow that day

falkor: ever seen George again or not?

Bazza: no, last time I saw him was at a Christmas do at Belgravia - I think that was 2003 and then I haven't seen him since, most of the coppers there that get promoted, they stay in Westminster anyway, they don't actually move out

falkor: oh right

Bazza: like the others ones, they move around but the majority stay in Westminster if they can

falkor: and then you went to Lavender Hill didn't you Bazza?

Bazza: yeah I went from Belgravia to Paddington on a mobile police station, then I went from there back to Belgravia - from there to Marylebone and from Marylebone back to Belgravia and then from Belgravia to Lavender Hill

falkor: so how did it go when you arrived at Lavender Hill, how did you feel about that?

Bazza: I was a bit annoyed that I was put there, because I should really have gone straight onto the mobile police station, but as in all things in the job they're not as straightforward as they should be

falkor: yeah

Bazza: so, they don't tell you - they just say you're going up to Lavender Hill, well I presumed that the bus would be there or I'd be there a couple of weeks, well I've been there for 3 months

falkor: so what were you doing in those 3 months then Bazza?

Bazza: well basically they've put me on the Safer Neighbourhoods team

falkor: anything challenging there?

Bazza: well Wandsworth is a little more lively than Westminster

falkor: right

Bazza: but probably the same as where I was policing before when I was down in Portsmouth - you've got council estates but here they're more packed together

falkor: yeah

Bazza: but some of the things that surprised me, probably more abuse than I would've got than in Westminster because the people there are more tourist than anything else

falkor: Bazza if you get abuse as a PCSO do you just have to take it or what?

Bazza: I don't

falkor: what action do you take then?

Bazza: I challenge it

falkor: what do you do?

Bazza: I play clever really, a low level example, if somebody's behind me coughing for example yesterday there were 2 guys behind me coughing, well I knew they were trying to get my attention - I knew they were being silly - so I turned around and said "Excuse me, have you got a cough?"

falkor: yeah

Bazza: he looked at me and I said "Have you got a cough?" and he said "yes" so I said "That's alright then" and I carried on walking and they carried on coughing so I coughed really loud, so they knew what they were doing and I knew that they knew what they were doing - it was just pointless, they knew it and once I challenged them they didn't want to know - I think if you challenge people the correct way, they're going to respect you more than if you just walk off

falkor: what happens if somebody swears at you though Bazza?

Bazza: I'd warn them regarding the swearing

falkor: and if they do it again?

Bazza: it depends where I am and what the situation is - if they're with a group of people it's probably best if I'm on my own not too make too much of it

falkor: right

Bazza: if they're on their own - the warning would be that once they've sworn a second time if they'd like to take a trip to the police station they're quite welcome and I'll get them transport down there

falkor: so what power are you using there then?

Bazza: well if they start to walk off I'll just get on my radio and I'll just put a description out and tell them exactly what's just happened

falkor: Bazza do you have the power to issue a ticket for disorderly conduct?

Bazza: we don't

falkor: you don't?

Bazza: we haven't been given that power yet

falkor: that's really great isn't it

falkor: what powers HAVE you got for tickets then Bazza?

Bazza: I haven't got powers for the behaviour - look we had a visit from Mr Blunkett when I was at Lavender Hill and one of the questions raised by our SGT was "we have the power to issue tickets for littering and spitting BUT the powers can't be enforced because the powers have not been signed up by the council - as it's a byelaw offence - so there is not yet a power of enforcement"

falkor: I see

Bazza: Mr Blunkett said that needs to be adjusted because there's no point you having the power to issue the ticket if it can't be enforced

falkor: so that's quite a downer then because if someone's swearing at you should have the power to issue an FPN for disorder shouldn't you?

Bazza: yeah

falkor: because at that stage if they start walking off you've got the power of detention then haven't you?

Bazza: yes, that's right yeah

falkor: because there's a member of the forums at the moment saying that people are swearing at him - he just has to take it and walk off - he's got NO POWER TO DEAL WITH IT

Bazza: I wouldn't walk off, because that means they think they know they can do that and then that'll spread around and it'll happen more and more

falkor: well that's what's happening to him and you're saying that if someone's swearing at you as a PCSO, you would tell them to wait for a police officer to arrive

Bazza: I'd say to them, "stop swearing at me - if you don't stop swearing at me I'll get a unit down here and we'll make arrangements for you to travel to the police station" or words to that effect and if he then continues to swear at me I'll just get on the radio and I'll wait for a unit - if he walks off I'll follow him - it's not a great issue - it obviously depends on the circumstances and how far you want to take it

falkor: yeah I can understand what will happen there because if a unit did arrive and you tell the officer that the bloke's been swearing in a public place that is a section 5 offence and therefore the officer COULD ask them to provide their name and address and if they fail to give it, that is a section 25 PACE case he could actually be arrested so it would work, I like that Bazza

Bazza: that's what I would do - once you've called a unit up and they do arrive he would know that next time you would do the same thing

falkor: I tell you what though Bazza you might have to be a brave PCSO to actually get on the radio to transmit that you know

Bazza: yeah well because I don't know my CAD ROOM, normally you know the CAD ROOM you know the people that you work with, you come on the same shift as them - you get to know them, they get to know you, you know what they'll take and what they won't

falkor: absolutely yeah

Bazza: sometimes you have to word things in a particular way

falkor: in a particular way?

Bazza: for them to respond

falkor: ah, I see where you're coming from now, nice one

Bazza: maybe you have to word it differently - swearing in a public place instead of swearing at me - what some PCSOs don't understand and it's a shame, sometimes you can't tell 'em, not everything is black and white as the law is stated on what you've been told - there's a ways and means act

falkor: this is it, anyway what's the latest Bazza? any arrests at all?

Bazza: well ok, I was on the estate not so long ago, PCSOs have been told "you can't get involved, don't get involved" which is fair enough and I understand the reasons why, but there was a female PC who was making the arrest just recently - this guy wasn't a big guy but he was tall - he's a known offender - he was believed wanted on breach of his curfew or breach of his bail whatever it was - there was the female PC with another PCSO under the instructions as per usual don't get involved - she was trying to arrest him and he had one hand free - as I got there there was yet another PCSO so in total 3 PCSOs, as I got there he was like "oh you're not going to arrest me, no way" I knew straight away that he was going to be anti - he was going to be - maybe kick off a bit - he's 6' and she's 5' nothing - it's unfair straight away and she's struggling to get the cuffs on

falkor: yeah

Bazza: as soon as I saw her struggling and I saw his right hand was free I thought well I'll grab his hand - well the other 2 were just standing watching and I'm thinking "why wasnt you helping her already?" because we are told strictly 'don't get involved, don't get involved'

falkor: this is total confusion on the part of those PCSOs Bazza

Bazza: she made a comment to my SGT that I helped her and she thanked me for my help and stuff like that, y'know it was just instinct - if he's got his hand free he's going to turn round and smack her so I grabbed him and helped to get the cuffs on

falkor: absolutely, my god it's almost like common sense

Bazza: it is. it's frustrating when they are doing what they have been told - they're obeying the guidelines strictly, they worry all the time about things that they think they shouldn't be doing or should be doing

falkor: yeah

Bazza: and a lot of it is down to common sense - if a member of the public was helping her what was going to happen? nothing - you're lawfully allowed to help a police officer in the operation of their duties - nothing's going to happen to you

falkor: it IS policy that PCSOs will go to the aid of PCs exactly in that situation so there's total confusion out there I think on that subject ANYWAY let's get back to Bazza's page on the website

Bazza: right

falkor: your TOP TEN MOVIES, you showed TRUE ROMANCE as your number one

Bazza: I did

falkor: what did you like about it so much?

Bazza: it's just that, the fact that the beginning of the film starts and the way he meets her - which is quite unusual that she's put by his barstaff and that the first night they actually fall in love with each other which is quite unusual - in a film it's normally they're not in love they're just sleeping with each other or whatever and then when he goes to get her stuff in all good faith he picks up the wrong bag - that's unusual - then he moves from one place without knowing that they're behind him

falkor: right

Bazza: eventually he realises something's up when she gets beaten up and kills one of them - then he realises when they are on they're tail and how he manages to get through each sort of scrape and even at the end you think he's dead and he's not

falkor: ah usual thing yeah that's always a good twist

Bazza: and then he moves on and literally within the time of him moving on to get to the next place they've caught up with him where he was before

falkor: yeah

Bazza: and it's just the way the script's written - cause the actors in it are quality actors - his Dad was Dennis Hopper

falkor: Hopper? Easy Rider? he was Easy Rider wasn't he?

Bazza: yeah I think so

falkor: he's in it is he? flippin heck

Bazza: yeah he was his Dad, Patricia Arquette was his girlfriend, Christopher Walken is the gangster

falkor: oh was he Dr Who?

Bazza: yeah that's him and there's quite a few more .. 8 or 9 well known faces in it, I just like the way that it's all put together, how he's tried to sell the drugs - it's good

falkor: well I noticed out of your top ten - two of your films are STAR WARS films, so have you seen the latest STAR WARS film then?

Bazza: I haven't

falkor: You gonna watch that then?

Bazza: I want to watch them from 1 to 6, cause at the moment they're showing them the other way round aren't they

falkor: know what you mean Bazza, but you can't take your kids to see it

Bazza: what is it a 15 is it?

falkor: It's one of the most Adult Star Wars films out there, it's quite a violent one

Bazza: That's number 3 isn't it?

falkor: they've shown 1, 2 and 3 now

Bazza: that's right, they've done it in the wrong order

Bazza: cause you can't watch 'em at the cinema from 1 to 6 can you at the moment

falkor: I think they will organise it but it'll probably need a 24 hour show won't it?

Bazza: yeah, I tell you I wouldn't mind going to see that

falkor: that'd be good wouldn't it?

Bazza: you'd be actually able to watch it from start to finish, how it all blends together - at the moment my brains a bit doolally cause we watched Star Wars that's number IV is it?

falkor: that's it, yeah correct

Bazza: yeah Star Wars IV, V and VI - then they showed I, II and III which to me is quite confusing - I know why they've done it, but it is confusing to me when I'm watching it - I'm thinking hold on, right I'm lost now - STAR WARS fans who really are fans they know exactly what the gist of it is, whereas I'm looking at it I'm thinking hold on I'm trying to think of who you are

falkor: hmmmm

Bazza: [laughing] who are you? trying to work it out

falkor: yeah, well that's it

Bazza: I mean I watched it when they first came out

falkor: yeah and me

Bazza: I was in the playground doing Star Wars and Darth Vader and all that, Choo Bacca, that's when they first came out I had all the original stuff all the toys

falkor: you must be a couple of years younger than me then because I'd just left school about 2 years when that first film came out

Bazza: I was five

falkor: bloody hell, were ya? you're kidding

Bazza: no I was in primary school - I remember it coming out and liking it, there was never ever a film like it

falkor: you're not gonna have any five year olds watching this latest one that's come out though - it's too adult for em

falkor: here Bazza I heard that you got the Queen's Jubilee Medal

Bazza: I did

falkor: that's cool mate

Bazza: well everyone got it

falkor: yeah but it's still cool

Bazza: well it's something that other people might not have and it's a shame that PCSOs who are going to have been in for 5 years won't get one, I don't think they're going to get one are they?

falkor: oh I wouldn't know

Bazza: if they're in long enough for Prince Charles to be in for 25 years whatever it is, I don't think they'll get one

falkor: another thing is how are they going to allow PCSOs to wear any Police Medals because they haven't got tunics and the dress order is tunics only

Bazza: tunics only at the moment yeah

falkor: I've noticed that a few people do put the ribbons on their NATO jumpers - I've seen that as a practice creeping in - it's certainly not officially sanctioned

Bazza: I think you should be allowed it if you have been awarded it

falkor: yeah

Bazza: you should be allowed to show that you've been awarded it

falkor: of course but it's tunics only

Bazza: which is totally biased obviously towards Police - they're looking at it that PCSOs are not going to be ex-Police or Ex-Specials in any way shape or form - they're just thinking of them as new recruits totally and not that they may have formerly been in the Police in any way shape or form and they should have really thought about that a bit before they put that on there

falkor: I tell you what Bazza, you know when you get your ID card as a PCSO it would be nice if they said right "Any medals?" and you could show them, then they could put a small icon on the ID card, that would be a small thing but it would be something wouldn't it?

Bazza: well yeah, mine's been awarded officially by the Government it's not like an army medal or anything like that, y'know it's not like I got it while in the Army I got it while performing public service so I should be allowed to

falkor: yeah I think so yeah

Bazza: it's just frustrating that you have to fight for it all the time and you shouldn't have to - it should be there, I appreciate that we're new but certain things haven't been thought out which I think should've been really

falkor: well you've been a PCSO a long time now Bazza

Bazza: well yeah since the start, it'll be 3 years come September

falkor: what's the hottest issue for PCSOs from your point of view then?

falkor: what's the top of the list?

Bazza: it does vary from PCSO to PCSO, but uniform is a hot topic because obviously we use it every day - that's a very hot topic, the other thing is equipment is another hot topic

falkor: what, go on then give us an example

Bazza: 6 and a half months ago "oh BTP will be getting handcuffs" - for their PCSOs and a lot of people were "oh we're always getting those rumours they're never true and I said "well it's come via the Freedom of Information Act so it's gonna be true" a lot of them do want 'em - you can never judge whether people want 'em because they want 'em

falkor: yeah

Bazza: or because they want 'em because they need 'em - my argument is being on the other side as it were, I believe that they need 'em - the reason we were told when we were on the street as a special that we have 'em OUT shown visible was as a deterrent and that's why you have your equipment belt, a lot of your stuff is out on your belt as if to say 'if you mess around this is what we're gonna use'

falkor: yeah

Bazza: a lot of people say well you shouldn't have that on your belt because it will go against the way the public perceive you - well the simple answer to that is, have them in a pouch, you can get folding quick cuffs - y'know they're in a pouch and they'll be out of sight and they'll only be used when they're needed to be used

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Go to the first of 17 pages on pcsos-national, that records the acceleration of PCSOs to 16,000 personnel on the streets of England and Wales.

falkor: yeah

Bazza: The public aren't going to be looking and saying "oh look the Pcso's got cuffs - you don't need to have them out - to be on show, that thing about the public oh see 'em and view you differently is not an argument because they can be hidden

falkor: fair enough

Bazza: my cuffs when I first got issued cuffs were hidden in a pouch - they were the old style cuffs and they went in a little pouch - the old style chain cuffs

falkor: yeah I know Bazza, I had them

Bazza: and I had the old style wooden truncheon when I first joined the Police and the following year we got issued cuffs and asp

falkor: right

Bazza: there's not an issue there, you can hide them - some people are saying that want an asp, they want this they want that - a lot of it I think is they want it because somebody else has got it not because they want it for a particular reason - they need to define the reasons they want it, rather than just saying "I want it I want I want it" and the other big thing is our union as well - doesn't represent us - not really, the Police have got their own union for them, it's their union it doesn't represent anyone else it represents the Police only

falkor: yeah

Bazza: our union has such a vast representation of different civil staff within it, it can't possibly be true to what we want or what we need as PCSOs and that's the problem is that, yeah they may try all they can to address our problems, but we need our own PCSO union for US because then and only then will you get a proper representation of our views

falkor: fair comment yeah

Bazza: it's difficult, because we was like railroaded at the beginning, to join the PCS that was the only union that we were offered - we weren't told yeah there's other unions out there we weren't told anything else - we were told this is the union that wants to represent you - are you willing to join up? well what are you supposed to say? no?

falkor: good point

Bazza: we were in a room, we were given a presentation by A UNION, not by three unions not by four unions, but by one and then what do they expect? of course people are going to join up, they've got no other option

falkor: indeed

Bazza: anyway I can understand why the Federation don't want PCSOs - I can understand because we are just a part of the Police family so if that's not going to happen, then the only way is to go and get your own union and be represented as a PCSO

falkor: what would you prefer Bazza - the PCSOs joining the Police Federation or the PCSOs getting their own union?

Bazza: I would say at this moment in time - getting their own union, because then like I said, we'll get our own representation so that the people in the union running the union are former PCSOs or people that have at least have done our job - there's not a PC at the moment that's been on the street longer than two and a half years that's been a PCSO, not one

falkor: no I know, true

Bazza: and there's not one PCS member that's been a PCSO, so they can say that they might know a thing or two about what we do, but they've not actually done it and that's the problem we have, none of them have actually done the job, so we need somebody who's actually done the job - who KNOWS the problems - like for instance trousers, we just get ONE type of trousers, LIGHT WEIGHTS jump to SITEMAP

falkor: you just get LIGHT WEIGHTS

Bazza: we don't get any heavy weights

Bazza: no, when I was a special - we obviously got both light weight and heavy weights, one for summer and one for winter so when I joined as a PCSO I thought oh we'll get heavy weights and light weights, I'm out in all weathers

falkor: yeah you need both yeah

Bazza: no - we just get issued light weights

falkor: anyway we gotta draw it to a close now Bazza it's been a pleasure - the whole lot has gone on to tape - it's been 42 minutes so I've got a lot of transferring to paper

Bazza: and I'll be sacked shortly

falkor: [laughter] no it's been great talking to you Bazza - I think that page is going great guns

Bazza: yeah I'll try sending a picture over your way

falkor: good one, it'll be more than welcome

Bazza: ok

falkor: you are a gentleman Bazza, top job

Bazza: ok ask Bazza ANYTHING on AFC W

falkor: CHEERS BAZZA!!

Bazza: thanks

falkor: bye matie!

28 MAY 2005 1243      Bazza's QUIZ is HERE


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