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national PCSOs

    the website for Police Community Support Officers across England and Wales

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Cartoon by John Child all in the day of a PCSO ...

 "In my view we need more powers, Not less."

introduction:  CIDB a member of national-PCSOs from day 1, he has seen every topic that has gone on and is a VETERAN MEMBER and PCSO

national-PCSOs interview
    C I D B   Sunday 1st April 2007     1700 - 1724

CIDB: jump to SITEMAP hello mate!

falkor: thanks for phoning

CIDB: hello, how you doing?

falkor: we do know each other actually

CIDB: yes we do select to view CIDB's profile!

falkor: because we were on the flippin crazy bus in Kew Gardens together

CIDB: thatís right

falkor: and we had some photographs of the whole sorry saga. Somebody took a close up of both of us

CIDB: [laughing]

falkor: [laughing] weíve both got our mugs on that PBase

CIDB: yes mate we have!

falkor: Do you remember that total mayhem on that bus?

CIDB: I do, but it just seems so long ago now

falkor: Itís terrible isnít it

CIDB: I know

falkor: But that John Burnell was to blame for most of it

CIDB: thatís right he was

falkor: he was a laugh though, itís a shame that heís moved on elsewhere

CIDB: yeah same for a lot of people isnít it?

falkor: but I do remember that day it was absolutely classic

CIDB: yeah it was great, it was great

falkor: we had some good tours round the glasshouses and up that stairway to the top balcony and all that didnít we?

CIDB: Yeah but then I headed off quite early on, to go and see my little Ďun, no I was there it was a good day

falkor: oh you missed out on the pub?

CIDB: no I didnít make it to the pub no

falkor: oh that was another saga that was Ė markluker was there Ė he was in charge of that part of the debacle

CIDB: oh right

falkor: yeah I think it weaned down to about ĺ of us ended up at the pub, but I didnít stay right until the end. I do remember that Jimbo ended up on one of the letterboxes right on top of it

CIDB: [laughing]

falkor: But there was the most enormous amount of photos came out of that I just couldnít believe it, they just poured like a waterfall half of them never made it to the website

CIDB: thank goodness

falkor: well thanks for phoning I suppose Iíd better start on the interview ďproperĒ

falkor: What do you think of £80 PNDs for example ďurinating in the streetĒ ? You have issued some of these, havenít you Dave?

CIDB: Yes Iíve issued quite a few yes

falkor: Any interesting ones?

CIDB: mainly for urinating in a public place and repeatedly swearing

falkor: but if youíve got people swearing, that can be quite dodgy canít it? Confrontation wise?

CIDB: Confrontation wise yes, but I find that a combination of tactical communications and £80 FPN usually does the trick in that respect

falkor: but youíre doubled up a lot of the time arenít you?

CIDB: Yes I work the town centre and tend to work with my buddy stu

falkor: Is there any times when you go out on your own?

CIDB: Well stu as I put on the site has unfortunately been quite poorly recently and so Iíve been out on my own for the last few weeks

falkor: I was trying to get him out of his sick bed to interview him! Poor fella or he would have been another victim for falkorís interviews!

CIDB: I was around when he was ill and I thought he was having a heart attack

falkor: gould it carries on from that?

CIDB: yeah yeah

falkor: oh Iím sorry to hear that, I certainly wish him a speedy recover for sure

CIDB: I know mate itís one of those things, one minute heís alright the next minute heís poorly and then finding all sorts of things wrong with him

falkor: I must say that when I was in the Police about 10 years ago I did have a patch that I went through when I was being forever flippin ill, all the time I was off with Bronchitus, flu, tonsilitus but for the last 5 years I donít know why but I seem to be alright now

CIDB: Well it seems to go that way doesnít it, yíknow heís built like a Rhino heís a solid old bloke Ė yíknow weíre walking down the street Ė 1 minute heís standing there saying he canít breath and how hot he is and the next minute heís dropped on the ground

falkor: well Iím sure all the members from national-PCSOs will join me in wishing him a quick recovery and the end of the horrible saga

CIDB: yeah heíll be back posting now but I think itíll be another 2 weeks before heís back on duty

falkor: ah all the best to him

falkor: anyway you are a trained ANPR operator

CIDB: yes

falkor: How many PCSOs are trained ANPR operators?

CIDB: On my division there are 3

falkor: right so how do you get to do that job then Dave?

CIDB: basically the ASR system is set up in the town centre

falkor: yeah

CIDB: and it was decided that the only people who would be using that system the most would be PCSOs. I was one of the first 10 PCSOs ever with Essex Police. Iíve been part of the pilot programme and Iím probably the one with the most experience at my police station and I was nominated

falkor: so the ANPR patches into the static CCTV system in the town centre?

CIDB: yes

falkor: because the ANPR that I know, they go out with a lorry or Police Van and itís like a mobile thing, this is a static one is it?

CIDB: the technology has been miniaturised and has actually been attached to CCTV cameras which are already in place in and around the town centre, so when they operate and point a CCTV camera at a vehicle, the camera will automatically read the number plate, but the security staff only have limited access to the database of information, whereas Iím a trained ANPR operator and so I have full access

falkor: but when will you be posted to do those duties Dave?

CIDB: at the discretion of my Sgt really. We have a weekly time, say ok it will be Wednesday when you do ANPR, the town policing unit will go out and weíll do ANPR

falkor: Yeah but what do you physically do then Dave?

CIDB: Me personally? Ok I go up to the CCTV control room and take control of the ANPR system. I log in to the National Intelligence database. The cameras are then put into position by myself and then anytime we get a hit, I do a PNC check on the vehicle, indicate what the vehicle is to the roadblock and the people pull the car over

falkor: So is that a good thing? Do you enjoy doing that Dave?

CIDB: I do but Iím very proactive. Iíd rather be on the roadblock than behind the terminal [laughing]

falkor: But if thereís only 3 PCSOs at your station that can do it Ö.. that isnít many is it?

CIDB: no itís not, but Iím quite happy and quite chuffed to be picked

falkor: but why is there so few?

CIDB: I think basically what theyíre worried about doing, is with the turn over, people changing areas stuff like that, they donít want to train people to use the kit who are just going to move on

falkor: oh I see

CIDB: theyíll just keep it to the Town Policing Unit

falkor: Have you had any results off it?

CIDB: Yes yes weíve had one stolen vehicle and weíve seized, I think it is eleven vehicles for no insurance Ė I think we had to have a traffic officer to do that though. I canít remember which section it was under, but they came down and seized the vehicle for no insurance

falkor: oh thatís a new one, thatís not s59 is it?

CIDB: no itís not section 59

falkor: itís the next one after that isnít it?

CIDB: and then Ö..

falkor: I like that

CIDB: and weíve reported people for driving not in accordance with their driving licence conditions

falkor: yeah thatís the same as they use for no insurance. But that section where you can take the car off the road for no documents is absolutely brilliant

CIDB: very much so

falkor: that is so good

falkor: oh youíve had a few successes that way have you?

CIDB: When we first got it, you know what itís like, all the bosses come down they expect the results and we were getting a figure a day when we were doing it

falkor: oh brilliant you canít argue with that can you?

CIDB: no

falkor: Iím a great fan of that

falkor: now youíve got an XBOX 360 havenít you?

CIDB: I have! My pride and joy

falkor: itís your pride and joy is it?

CIDB: it is

falkor: What games have you got?

CIDB: At the moment Iím playing Ghost recon2, thatís just come out and Iím playing XBOX live as well

falkor: How does the ĎXBOX liveí thing work?

CIDB: Basically anybody whoís got an XBOX can log onto ĎXBOX liveí with any game that theyíve got and play people from all over the world in multiplayer rooms

falkor: What about stu?

CIDB: Heís not got one no [laughing]

falkor: What excuse does he say for that then?

CIDB: I donít think his missus will let him have one to be honest

falkor: Because I would have thought that by now Dave, you would have persuaded him

CIDB: Iíve tried. I have tried but his missus has got a bit more sway than me I think

falkor: What other games have you got for it then?

CIDB: Ďprovolution soccer,í a game called Ďguní that Iím currently playing, Ďsaints roadsí that I also enjoy

falkor: how long have you had it for?

CIDB: about a year and a half

falkor: because the playstion3ís come out now Dave!

CIDB: thatís right

falkor: youíre just ignoring that?

CIDB: yes I am

falkor: Youíre not interested

CIDB: Iím very loyal, Iím staying loyal to my XBOX

falkor: well most people do that but now and again thereís somebody who says, ďright Iím going to have the XBOX 360, Iím going to have a PS3, Iím going to have the wiiĒ but I agree with you Ė I think if youíve got one particular computer, thereís no need to start going on to other ones, itís just confusing

CIDB: thatís right, definitely. I like the XBOX and like playing ĎXBOX liveí I like the controllers and the set up and everything, so I stick to what I like

falkor: is it reliable?

CIDB: itís never let me down once, touchwood

falkor: is there anybody else in the family that plays on it or is it just you?

CIDB: no just me

falkor: sounds like youíve got everything organised

CIDB: everything

falkor: Have you had any shoplifters lately?

CIDB: Yes one yesterday

falkor: crikey you canít beat that can you?

CIDB: no you canít

falkor: because I seem to remember you saying that youíd had quite a few shoplifters

CIDB: Being on the Town Centre Policing Unit and being out on the street all the time and having access to the Town Link Radio, I tend to get to any incidents before any police officers Ė so itís normally me that gets there first and with stu being off as well, itís definitely me getting there first

falkor: so what do they expect you to do Dave?

CIDB: well when I first started, they didnít want us to go anywhere near them, but the system that happens now on my part, basically when I get there when Iíve worked out whatís gone on from what the security guard has told me, I get a value of the offence and whether or not theyíre a juvenile, whether theyíre playing up or not. I complete a wanted check, a PNC check and anything else that needs to be done and do a stop check form on them while Iím waiting for a police officer to arrive

falkor: Well I like that because if youíve filled out a stop check form on them, when the Police Officer arrives if he wants to know their details, he doesnít need to ask them you just hand the form over, itís all done

CIDB: Also I can explain that weíve got the act of concealment or no attempt was made to pay, local warrants checked and if they have come back negative and that Iíve been able to confirm details and matches address on PNC and here are his details on a hard copy as well

falkor: so after youíve done all that, do the Police expect you to do a statement on it or what?

CIDB: Oh definitely. What Iíll do then is, help convey back to custody and while the police officer is booking in the suspect, Iíll the do the crime complaint for the job. Iíll then attend the store, collect the CCTV in relation to the incident, book that in to the ďevidence seizedĒ and create a continuity statement in relation to collecting the CCTV and as regards to my actions before the Police Officer arrived

falkor: and what about other PCSOs, are they expected to do the same as what you just described?

CIDB: The ones that I trained do and the ones on the Town Centre do, but the ones that police the beats donít tend to get that much specialised knowledge Ė they donít have to deal with the amount of shoplifters or criminal damages things like that we do on the town Ė so they donít turn in that amount of paperwork I donít think

falkor: so when youíre walking down the road on your town centre patrol, is it a case of you know the faces, you know the people who are up to no good? You just know Ďem by now?

CIDB: Very much so. Iíve been on it 4 years so my face is really well known. I used to be a doorman before I joined Essex Police, so I was very keen to get to know everybody. I wasnít shy of putting myself about, so everybody got to know me and now Iíve got a good rapport with the locals

falkor: So youíve been a PCSO for four years Ė is it a case that as each year comes up, you get an increment Ė are you on maximum pay now?

CIDB: We go up a scale point every year I believe. Iím not on the top band yet, but after a satisfactory report from our supervisor, we can also get pushed up an increment even more, if they think that weíre acting above and beyond our payscale

falkor: so youíre not on the maximum yet and youíve done 4 years

CIDB: no not yet, not yet

falkor: when do you get on maximum then Dave?

CIDB: I think itís on 5 years

falkor: oh is it?

CIDB: yes and then my annual leave goes up as well after 5 years

falkor: sounds good to me Dave

CIDB: I know, 1 more year to go

falkor: Back in January, you were saying that you were going to the gym 4 times a week

CIDB: thatís right

falkor: you still doing that?

CIDB: yes

falkor: how do you do it? 4 times a week is a lot!

CIDB: well it is but Iíve dropped 5 stone now

falkor: my god

CIDB: and Iíve lost 6ĹĒ off my tummy

falkor: wow

CIDB: so thatís whatís keeping me going

falkor: but that must be costing you a few quid

CIDB: £40 a month with police discount

falkor: with police discount?

CIDB: yes

falkor: £40 a month, is it worth it?

CIDB: very much so. Iím feeling so much better

falkor: are you?

CIDB: I am

falkor: What do you mean feeling so much better? In what way?

CIDB: when I was heavy my back used to hurt

falkor: oh no

CIDB: if I did chase after a suspect Iíd be absolutely knackered and sometimes I couldnít catch them

falkor: well done Dave, congratulations!

CIDB: thank you, itís still hard but Iím getting there

falkor: What sort of stuff do you do at the gym?

CIDB: I find my weak spot is cardio vascular. I used to box quite a lot when I was a kid, so Iíve got quite a bit of upper body strength but cardio vascular even when I was boxing, was never my strong point and now I make a point of going on the tread mill, put the music on loud and just go for it

falkor: you are doing so well Dave, youíre doing better than me thatís for sure

CIDB: [laughing] well it just had to be done Ė I had a good 6 years of eating what I wanted and doing what I wanted Ė pay back time in the gym now

falkor: that was January that you started all that I think

CIDB: yes

falkor: if we go back one month before that, you got a new computer didnít you?

CIDB: I did

falkor: Why did you change computer then?

CIDB: because my old one blew up

falkor: it blew up?

CIDB: Oh yes it crashed and needed a new hard drive and the computer was so old it was still running Windows98 - I took it for repair and they could do it for me, but the guy said have you ever thought about getting a new one? So I thought well Iím earning decent money now so ďwhatís the best one that you can do me?Ē

falkor: Do you play any games on it at all?

CIDB: I was playing medieval total war, I completed that Ė I used to be a huge command and conquer fan

falkor: Oh I love that :Retaliation > Skirmish

CIDB: [laughing]

falkor: have you done the skirmish on Retaliation?

CIDB: not yet, no but Iíve played all of them before, when they first came out I used to play them all, very very good. Generals I played a lot

falkor: I love the music on them as well, the music is unbelievable

CIDB: fantastic games

CIDB: Iíve also played Championship Management Football as well

falkor: But letís be fair about it Dave, if youíre going to play a computer game, itís much better on a console surely

CIDB: strategy wise Iíd say PC personally and first person shooter or football games: console

falkor: the thing about the console I like is, you just plug Ďem into the TV. You can sit back on the settee really relax Ė yíknow most of the times with a PC you donít generally tend to do that

CIDB: no

falkor: [silence]

falkor: I was going to talk to you about your avatar actually

CIDB: ah well I joined the site, I saw that nobody else had it and I kind of made it my own [laughing]

falkor: well that was back in the very early days of the site and believe it or not Ė I donít know if youíre aware Ė but when our site first launched, I actually got written permission from a guy at Christian Coders Network, who had actually penned these avatars such as yours which is Ďflareicon,í plus another 20 or so which actually formed our original avatars on the site Ė a guy by the name of ĎAngelí is his username oh yíknow Jimboís cross? That was another one he did

CIDB: blimey

CIDB: You know Dizzyís that was another one he did, so that really gives away the fact that you were one of the original members on the site Dave

CIDB: Yeah magic, I thought oh Iíll have that and I kind of made it my own like I said, I put my name under it

falkor: Nobody else has had that one have they?

CIDB: No one else took it no

falkor: [laughing] What are your views on the union then Ė are you in UNISON then Dave?

CIDB: I am and Iíve been quite outspoken about it on the site. I see it as a necessary evil unfortunately

falkor: really? I donít think that they listen to their members, I donít think that they understand the role and theyíre not pushing for what most people want, in my view

falkor: well what most people want, is a power of arrest with force surely?

CIDB: very much so and an urgent review of the safety equipment that we carry as well

falkor: because your force has got a power to detain, but without using force

CIDB: thatís right

falkor: how does that work?

CIDB: it doesnít. Iím quite well known at the training school as one of the PCSOs for trying everything first. As soon as we get a new power, Iíll go out and deliberately try and use it and Iím not going to embarrass myself by attempting to verbally detain someone

falkor: Iíve never understood this thing about a power to detain but without using force Ė how is it supposed to work?

CIDB: I donít know. Iím supposed to say ďIím detaining you now but youíre free to leaveĒ

falkor: itís nonsense isnít it?

CIDB: absolutely. In terms of practical policing, itís not going to happen because the first thing theyíre going to say is ďSee you later mateĒ

falkor: Have you got any local UNISON reps at all Dave?

CIDB: Yes weíve got the divisional secretary at our police station

falkor: What do they say about that issue of the power to detain but without force?

CIDB: You get the standard ďwell weíre non confrontational so there you goĒ

falkor: ah thatís what they say is it?

CIDB: yeah thatís the standard answer to that and itís good for anytime that somebody raises a good point that they canít answer

falkor: Going back to your days as a doorman, did any of the doormen that you knew have handcuffs at all?

CIDB: oh yes crikey they did yes

falkor: They did?

CIDB: oh yes

falkor: Iíve never seen a doorman with handcuffs Ö.. they just conceal them?

CIDB: What they do Ė without giving away too many trade secrets Ė is to have them close by

falkor: oh right

CIDB: along with maybe ÖyíknowÖ. [laughing]

falkor: well they can use handcuffs if theyíre making an arrest canít they?

CIDB: well yeah in theory there doesnít need to be any law change for us either, because if youíre making a lawful arrest and thereís grounds to use them, my understanding is that itís not a problem

falkor: Iíll tell you why, itís because you are applying force, handcuffing somebody is an assault and arresting somebody is an assault, but the difference is itís legal

CIDB: thatís right

falkor: so handcuffing someone would just be an extension of your actual application of force Ė as long as youíre making Ö.

CIDB: [interrupting] section 3 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 gives you reasonable force

falkor: thatís it, nice one Dave! Absolutely right, so as you say, you wouldnít need to change the law, in fact North Wales PCSOs have just been issued handcuffs havenít they

CIDB: Yes fantastic news

falkor: so did you see any of these doormen apply handcuffs in your time then?

CIDB: no

falkor: they never needed to?

CIDB: they tended to jump on the person and bearing in mind I worked nightclubs, so there were normally between 6 and 8 of us on and in my 5 years as a doorman, I saw people have all sorts of different things, but I never saw them actually use them

falkor: did you see any doormen actually getting arrested?

CIDB: yes

falkor: what did you think?

CIDB: at the time before I joined the police, I thought it was very unfair, but then when I joined the police, I realised that just an allegation of assault is enough to get somebody arrested. I can understand it now

falkor: I have unfortunately been in a situation where I have been virtually forced to make arrests of doormen before and I felt the same way as you and I thought ďthis is so unfairĒ and yet youíve got 2 or 3 people standing there, complaining to police ďwhat are you going to do about it? Iíve seen him do thisĒ and then your hand is effectively forced

CIDB: Yeah I know absolutely, the streetís not the best place to sort it outselect to view CIDB's profile!

CIDB: Before I joined the police I did think it was harsh

falkor: well itís been a pleasure chatting to you Dave

CIDB: and you my man

falkor: thank you very much Iíll see you back on the site

CIDB: definitely cheers matejump to SITEMAP

falkor: cheers Dave bye

CIDB: bye


Cartoon by John Child all in the day of a PCSO ...

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