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          Problem 1

Can you see the Chat Room option in the top menu? Remember seeing "Usergroups" before? Well near to that should be a "CHAT" option.

Click on "CHAT" and leave the process to "percolate" through. It may take 3 or 4 minutes to initialise - even if you have been to the Chat Room before. Best thing to do is to leave it and go off and make a cup of tea.

PJIRC is a fairly ancient chat room system but integrates well with phpBB2 forums

Unfortunately there is a problem integrating PJIRC with phpBB3 forums so it is quite possible there will be no PJIRC come phpBB3 time

which template do I need to be in for CHAT?

all templates operate the CHAT room!


Ok - if you have looked in the top menu near to "Usergroups" and cannot find the "CHAT" button - look higher than the "Usergroups" menu. You should see a horizontal bar, right at the top of the forums page. In amongst that bar, is the small option "all"

Click on "all" and you will be brought to a huge page containing "all resources offered by this site"

The very first line shows "Members' blogs." Now, a few down from that, you will see 'PJIRC CHAT ROOM' - select it!

see that url? it ends with chat.php! Try adding "chat.php" to your forums address in your browser bar!!

see that button at the top? "DISCONNECT" ?

that means ......
  Y O U ' R E ..... I N !


Not on a channel.

Well have a look at the above screen. See the DISCONNECT button visible at the top? This means that you are "connected"

See the wording "Channel mode is +" ? This means that you are "connected" (and ready to start chatting!!)

Unfortunately getting into the Chat Room is not always so easy.

If you see the button "CONNECT," this means that you are disconnected, that is bad news .... please wait for a minute to see if things improve.
Similarly "Not on a channel" is also of the same vein.


this problem has been raised by many forums

if you see "UNABLE TO CONNECT" or "NOT ON A CHANNEL" then it is worthing checking to see if your computer has "JAVA"

check out the most common problem :"NO JAVA"

Oooooh - take the expert advice of THE INSANE ONE and load the latest version of Java. This can be found at the website he specified in the below screenshot :-)

PJIRC CHAT is an incredible piece of kit and you will really love it!

Instantaneous chat between all members of the forums - although a dozen members on there is really top, any more than that and what happens is there are a number who are just in the background "listening" but ANYWAY get it sorted and fired up, what are you waiting for!!!!?

the Insane One says http://java.com/en/

    Problem 3: No Java

If you are seeing "Not on a channel" or other similar error messages CLICK HERE and select "Verify Installation"

Your computer will be checked for the latest Java, if you don't have it, you will be informed of what to do next!!

Without Java the PJIRC chat room cannot function, that is stone cold fact.

Still got problems? please do PM me, top regards .........


well I do hope this little help page has jogged you through any PJIRC quirks you encountered

With just 2 or 3 members the PJIRC chat room can be a truly amazing fun experience but on the other hand it can be a little time consuming

YOU'RE HAVING GREAT FUN!! but the next thing you know 45 minutes has gone by

anyway - see you there soon I'm sure :-)

First of all lets start off with what is IRC. As you’ve noticed that National-PCSOs has an IRC chat room which you’ve been calling the PJIRC. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, it is a form of chatting which has been around since the late 80’s give or take a few years. It became very popular in the mid 90’s due to the ease of purchasing a personal computer.

There are many different IRC networks around the world, some are regionalised and only allow you to join their network if you are in their region. Others are globalised such as the one which National-PCSOs uses. (Blitzed.Org).

Blitzed uses servers from many locations around the world. They do this so that the speed of your connection to the IRC server will remain high. If you had to always connect to a server in for instance Australia you might get what is called “LAG”, this is what happens when you type something and it takes a long time to get up on the screen. So Blitzed has servers in Europe, and in the US, and in Australia etc. ?

You are very lucky in using IRC and not even knowing what exactly it is. A few years ago before forums (phpbb – bulletin boards) became popular it was difficult to connect to IRC, you needed a special program such as mIRC, (you can download it at www.mIRC.com if you like), this program would connect to an IRC server and you could get a list of channels for chatting on, it’s very similar to what you see in your browser window now, but it’s specially for IRC, thus it’s faster to use when chatting.

Today however with the use of phpbb and JAVA™ you can chat with ease and not need any special programs, just download of some add-ons for your browser (whatever style of browser your using there is a JAVA™ add-on for it).

First of all if you want to chat with all the other PCSOs in our chat room there are several ways to do it…

When you join the chat room you will see something similar to the following:

-:- ess [~daimon@sweep.bur.st] has joined #pcso

-:- [Users(#PCSO:1)]

[@ess ]

-:- Channel #PCSO was created at Tue Mar 22 07:21:55 2005

-:- mode/#PCSO [+nt] by ChanServ

-:- BitchX: Join to #PCSO was synched in 0.841 secs!!

-:- Topic (#PCSO): changed by ChanServ: Welcome to the National PCSOs chatroom..

-ChanServ(services@blitzed.org)- [#PCSO] Hi folks, welcome to National PCSOs chat.. kick off the patrol boots and relax!

If you don’t see this it’s not really a problem, but you should notice that ChanServ said to you [#PCSO] Hi folks, welcome to the National PCSOs chat.. kick off the patrol boots and relax! ?

Once you’ve seen this you KNOW your in the right place.
Oh, you will notice one big difference between using JAVA™ chat and mIRC is that in the JAVA™ chat the symbols : and ) will make a smiley face etc, in mIRC you will just see the symbols, not the smiley face, so you have to imagine it for yourself.

Once you are comfy using IRC and chatting normally there are OTHER things you can learn. One of these is how to register your NICKNAME so that no one else can ever use it without your permission.

This is important if you don’t want someone pretending to be you, for instance if your Falkor and you don’t want someone impersonating you then you might register your nickname on the chat.

This may sound difficult, but believe me it is actually very easy to do.
First of all you type the following command:
/msg NickServ REGISTER

Where it say’s and you obviously need to put in a password that you’d like to use and your VALID email address.
Once that is done you will get a message telling you to check your email. Within a few minutes you will get an email which will give you a validation code. That code will then be cut and pasted into the IRC chat and it will tell nickserv that you are a real person who’s registered the nickname. You can then use your nick and no one else can steal it.

If someone else changes to your nickname the server (NickServ) will change their nick and stop them using it again. They have 20 seconds to log in to NickServ with your password, and as it is YOUR password they won’t be able to do that.

To log in to NickServ (when you connect to IRC) you will need to type the following:
/msg NickServ Identify
Obviously using the nickname that you’ve registered previously and inserting the password in the correct area (not using the < or > characters though).
Once you’ve done this NickServ recognises you and doesn’t try to change your nickname all the time.

If you’ve joined the channel and you see someone with an @ beside their name, IE: @ess then this means they are a channel OPERATOR (it’s the same as a MODERATOR on the forum), this person can kick you out of a channel or ban you from a channel if you don’t follow the rules of the chat.
If you are a MODERATOR in the forum then you will eventually be automatically given an @ when you log in with NickServ, however this will take time before I can get around to doing this for you. PM me if you have any questions.

For now I think this is all that is needed for the HOWTO on IRC. However of course everything here is open to discussion and modification. So if you have any questions you can PM me on the forum or email me on ess@national-PCSOs.co.uk and I’ll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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