Problems at work         dealt with by our very own troubleshooters!

There are many problems that can be encountered in the workplace. "Bullying" is a tricky term - since it tends to be a great deal more subtle than the obvious. Blatant bullying is not acceptable and most people realise that it is something that you just cannot get away with. Rumours, muck spreading and back stabbing can be worse than any blatant bullying, since there is very little you can do about it without looking like a "whiner" or boat rocker.

just ask Ian ! There are also different issues when the pressure comes from supervisors - what constitutes fair / unfair treatment? Hendon gave pretty clear definitions of unacceptable behaviour as part of Diversity training. The line that I find most appropriate is the one about - 'it is not about what you say or mean, but how the other person takes it or feels about it.' Whether sexist or racist or general humiliation / coercion that principle must apply.

In trying to force compliance with orders that I found worrying and distasteful, my supervisors made me feel worthless and unappreciated. I felt humiliated, demeaned and very threatened. I should point out that I was already depressed and struggling, and my perception of just such treatment was enough to push me over the edge. One problem that I see supervisors having with PCSOs is that the normal methods of control do not apply very well. We have no promotion ladder that we are trying to climb, black marks on our records are not very nice, but what do they actually mean in the long run? Our jobs are pretty set in stone, repetitive and not always the most pleasant and dynamic thing we do… posting us away, giving us more unpleasant duties are not terribly effective due to the nature of the job and the way we work. Reinforcing negativity is not the greatest motivator.

What can they do to reward good behaviour, a hard worker? That is a problem with the current system that has no easy answer, and it also means that supervisors need to find new tools, or even new attitudes to get the best out of their PCSOs – without resorting to bullying and trying to force compliance. Anything I can do to help, I will only be too happy to.

Problems at work - important notice

All persons displaying email addresses on this page are approved PCSOs or PCs and are willing to provide advice to you in regards to this subject - BUT they are not professional counsellors. Their advice is UNOFFICIAL and accepted on the basis that they are acting in good faith. You are strongly advised to see your own UNION REP immediately and ensure that your options to obtain occupational health appointments and Human Resources/ Personnel assistance are organised as soon as possible.

do YOU dread going in to work?

do you suffer a bad atmosphere day in and day out? Ask Auntie Ali, she has been a PCSO for many years and has seen all the problems you are probably facing.
Ask Auntie Ali Problems……… who needs them? ?
A problem shared is a problem halved, and in this fast paced, sometimes stressful life that we lead we sometimes tend to bottle our problems up and go it alone. This can lead to all sorts of havoc and misery, sadly effecting our work and family lives.

This is your chance to really get it off your chest and talk to us fellow PCSOs on here. All of us on this section have been selected by Falkor and you can speak in the strictest confidence at any time, we'll always have that shoulder for you to lean on.

Why suffer in silence at work? Are your bosses getting you down? Has that colleague gone one step too far this time? Have you had enough? We are here to listen and head you in the right direction. If we can't help ourselves, we will know someone who can! Don't forget, some of us have been through similar problems that you are currently experiencing, so don't be shy. IT'S GOOD TO TALK!


DO GET IN TOUCH!Nobody deserves to be bullied
or should have to put up with it.
As a part of this team, I would like to offer my support to anyone who would like to get in touch.

If you feel you are being bullied, or you feel your colleagues are and you would like someone to talk to, then I would be happy to listen and lend you support where I can.

I have two good ears ready to listen to you, so get in touch
I'm ready to talk any time you're ready to ring.

I have a NVQ level 1 in counselling adolescents and adults. (but this is nowhere near a professional level, it just gives me that little bit more knowledge of how to help you)

Please don't be scared to ring and talk.         Sueb smellysue@dropzone.com


I am proud to see the above members of this site putting themselves forward as a real friend to any PCSOs out there, who are encountering problems at work. Although these members are not acting in any official capacity - getting in contact will do you the power of good I am sure.

These volunteer members also have a veteran PC to advise THEM should the need arise. Micky from our very own national-PCSOs forum, is on hand to confirm various matters /answers and he himself has solid experience of operational policing and is in close contact with PCSOs who he works with on a daily basis.

So all in all we have a great team and a pretty good system in place, to offer you some solid advice on any problems that you have. Please do drop us a line as soon as you can. Falkor 19.2.05


"PCSOs fill a gap in visible policing. There were good arguments for and against them. They are however now a part of the service, and it is important they feel that they are part of an organisation that recognises the role they perform, and that they are supported by it. They should also be given adequate training to do their job.

"Occasionally something goes wrong and as a result a PCSO may well feel unloved by the organisation and vunerable. I don't know all the answers but I will give you my honest advice and opinion, and that will be so even if it is not what you actually want to hear. I will however try to be constructive in any criticisms I have of you." 24.2.05

contact micky at         michael.wearing2@met.police.uk

You spend half your life AT WORK.

Don't suffer in silence.
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