In 2004 our PJIRC chat room felt like cutting edge technology

Sadly, PJIRC was subsequently abandoned by the phpBB3 authors and within two years PJIRC was suddenly suspended, amidst Java security concerns and a steadfast absence of any technical support

Maybe this led to the development of the next generation "AJAX CHAT" (which we installed instead of pjirc) but one thing was for sure, we would never forget PJIRC

so! that is what being in a chat room is like!! fancy having a go?

1. do you have Java?
If in doubt, download the latest version
download Java here
Look for the download option centre top
2. are you registered? get registered here
  • Unless you have the latest JAVA download, you cannot participate in our chat room.

  • Unless you are registered on our site you cannot participate in our chat room.
3. LAUNCH CHAT! click right here
4. problems?? log your problems here
5. where's the old faq? the old faq is right here
6. where's the old log? the old log is right here

The old faq and the old log (thread) are both pretty ancient relating to the old phpBB2 chat room, so where possible please stick to the latest information.

Apart from that, see you in the chat room soon!!