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DELETED PAGES: Unfortunately a number of pages have been deleted from PCSO.com in 2013

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they have now been deleted but here below find some fragments of the pages to give a clue as to what the pages were about

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Having read the critical issues page of your web site I was quite surprised to see how negative it was I would like to point out that the Police have been able to arrest for all offences since PACE Act 1984. The conditions under SOCPA which make it necessary to arrest for an offence are almost a direct lift of those sec 25 powers. SOCPA has simplified the countless conditional powers that police officers had making unlawful arrest easier to avoid. The simple fact is that SOCPA has actually reduced a lot of police powers particularly powers of search, and offences where officers did not really have to justify and arrest (such as Taking a vehicle without consent) now have to be fully justified. Surely this contradict the basic tone of the critical issue article?

Colin Towler (Hampshire Police)

Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2006 1:52 PM

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Evaluation published: January 2006

CSOs' activities varied in different areas. This reflected force level and more local priorities.

The evaluation found no evidence that CSOs were having a measurable impact on the level of recorded crime or reported incidents of antisocial behaviour in the areas where they were deployed. This may be accounted for by a number of factors including limitations of the data, changes in levels of reporting and the sorts of activities targeted by CSOs.

The public valued the role of CSOs. There was strong evidence from two case study are as, where the CSOs were well known by name to the community, that the residents and businesses felt that CSOs had made a real impact in their areas especially in dealing with youth disorder.

The diversity of CSOs, particularly in terms of ethnicity and age, has been one of the successes of the implementation of this new role .

Over 40% of CSOs said they joined as a stepping stone to becoming a fully sworn police officer

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Commenting on the decision by British Transport police to issue Police and Community Support Officers with handcuffs to help detain suspects, London Assembly Liberal Democrat policing spokesperson, Graham Tope, said:-

"It appears that Police and Community Support Officers are now not only the eyes and ears of the police, but also their hands and feet.

"The Met has rightly been firmly against use of handcuffs by PCSO's which can cause serious damage when used by untrained people. British Transport police should pause for thought before allowing PCSOs to be given the authority to use handcuffs on suspects that they detain."

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