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"click jacking" virus on facebook

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"click jacking" virus on facebook

Post by falkor » Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:29 pm

just seen this from a PhpBB engineer on FB

Status : Ugh, all my friends are clicking on links from bad applications and tags that does something called "click jacking", it uploads a photo, or link tags all your friends, thus spreading this virus. Usually it's something like "Horrible, someone did something in front of web cam, watch this video". Do not click the link or they will hijack your Facebook account.

reply 1 : Just de-friend said people... problem solved! ;)

reply 2 : Better yet! Delete your account on Facebook. Problem permanently solved. :)

reply 3 : It gives you an insight to what your friends are interested enough in to click though...

reply 4 : Or use your brain and realize that all of these bogus posts share the same format....

reply 5 : More times than not, it's a friend who'd been tagged by one of their friends who I don't know. And my wall gets flooded by all my friends being tagged with this "click jacking" virus.

reply 6 : I recently changed my settings to where no one can post on my wall, as this was happening to me as well. It has worked
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Re: "click jacking" virus on facebook

Post by Arthur ASCII » Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:53 am

Click jacking has been around since HTML turned KERMIT, TELNET etc into the WWW we know today. It's the very interactivity that makes the WWW so powerful that is also it's greatest curse.

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Re: "click jacking" virus on facebook

Post by Hysteria » Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:06 pm

I got caught out on the ' you have been tagged in such and such photo' seconds after I clicked I knew it was a virus thingy mainly coz I remembered in my settings I had unticked the ' notify me when someone tags me box ' :slwo:

Laptop was a bit funny for the rest of the day but got it sorted out pronto lol .

Am not really on FB as much as I used to be anymore and I think I will come to a point when I decide to permently delete it altogether , Have already deleted things like yahoo & MSN messenger as I use skype and those who matter can contact me thru that :slsm:

Am starting to find the Internet a bit ' whatever ' at the moment

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