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Only start new topics in this area IF you are applying for PCSO, not PC not Special JUST applying for PCSO!!


Post by Mistermoose2012 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:31 am

Hello, I am currently in the process of joining South Wales police as a PCSO. I've passed the interview, tests, fitness and I think the vetting. All that's left is the medical. I'm a bit worried as I was off with stress for 2 weeks in December. I wasn't taking any medication and have not had a sick day since. Do you think this will
Be ok? On a side note I also have a friend who would like to apply after hearing about my application, however he has been diagnosed with mild autism. His autism doesn't affect his life in any way, that is to say if you didn't already know you wouldn't guess he was autistic. Do you think he could still apply?

Many thanks