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BWV (Body Worn Video) roll out in the Met

Police equipment and gear in here please!
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BWV (Body Worn Video) roll out in the Met

Post by typecastboy » Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:37 am

Had a meeting yesterday with the DOI regarding the rolling out Met wide of BWV. They have to put together a recommendation to the Met. The system we use at the moment is due for updating to cheaper, better equipment, but it seems that the main cost Met wide will be the back-room part, i.e. each borough would need VIIDO department staff to audit all footage and present evidential footage. This would cost far too much, so if you're in the Met, and want body worn cameras, don't hold your breath!

I know some of you Met boys and girls have it already. We piloted it, along with Camden who didn't like it. We now have all their cameras too. Can't see the Met going for it in these days of cutbacks.
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