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As the horror of the Grenfell Tower block fire unfolded on Wednesday (June 14) morning, people from across the country have started asking what they can do to help those affected.

It's thought that around 500 people call the Lancaster West Estate high-rise home, and they need help - most of them will have lost everything.

getwestlondon has launched this JustGiving page, in aid of those affected by the horrific fire.

Although we'll never be able to replace their loved ones, memories and homes, we can help them rebuild.

We can show them that there's a whole country of people willing to support them as best as we can.

So if you can afford it, even just £1, please show these people some love at this terrible time and donate.

'Biteback' dog spray

Police equipment and gear in here please!
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'Biteback' dog spray

Post by JimmyRiddle » Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:49 am

Has anyone been issued with Biteback dog spray? Which forces? Any particular units?


I think it's a bit dodgy they only list it as 'a blend of natural oils' and keep using that phrase. Yeah, it's great it's friendly to dogs, but if it has the effect of an incapacitant spray like OC (pepper), CS or CN on PEOPLE, then you know what comes next... But nowhere does it say that it's not offensive to humans (okay, no more offensive than Fairy Liquid in a super soaker).

At least with pepper spray etc. you get a description of what the cannister contains, but with this?
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