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Judge orders Google to reveal identity of 'stalker'

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Judge orders Google to reveal identity of 'stalker'

Post by falkor » Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:20 pm

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Carla Franklin: She had videos of her
posted by an anonymous user
Google has been ordered to unmask a ‘cyberstalker’ who anonymously posted videos and abusive messages about an American businesswoman on the internet.
The web giant was ordered to reveal the identity of a YouTube user and provide Carla Franklin, 34, with the information within 15 days.

Miss Franklin, a former model turned management consultant, complained to a New York court that clips taken from a student film had appeared on the video-sharing site.
The graduate of the prestigious Duke and Columbia universities also felt unsettled by comments posted elsewhere on YouTube describing her as a ‘whore’.

Yesterday a New York judge ruled that the site’s it owners, Google, must reveal the perpetrator’s identity, which could be gained by knowing their email and computer’s IP address.

Miss Franklin believes she knows who the culprit is but needed proof before she could begin legal action against them.
The former model welcomed the verdict, saying: ‘The Internet cannot become a safe haven for harassers and stalkers.’